I used to think that I would be single forever!

For so long you knew that you wanted to be single forever, we all men say that, believe that, but then unexpectedly the right girl came along, the one that challenged you in every step of your relationship.  


Yes, I know, you tried all techniques to ask her out, but somehow someway, she made you work harder.


Suddenly one day you left your guards up, and all you know is that this is special, and with time the pressure starts knocking at your door, and you feel like if you don’t married this girl, you are going to lose her.


So then, where you are going to get the money for get an impressive ring that is big enough for her to say yes, and then how you are going to propose to her? questions, google, ask somehow, you can’t sleep thinking, . . .


The reason I say all this is because it happen to me, but my wife Lori, end up saying yes, now we have been married for ten years! I am so glad I jump put in faith and asked her out, ask her to married me and to hangout for the rest of our lives.