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Manuel Corazzari

NWI Wedding Photographer

Manuel and Lori Corazzari, are nwi wedding photographers located in Merrillville, Indiana, and they has spent more than a decade, providing NWI wedding photography solutions. They have a unique ability to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera to capture intimate moments naturally. If you can find nwi wedding photographer that are talented and are great at composition, but in the same time are love what they do with great charisma, that is hard to find!

With 100’s of weddings, Manuel is one of the most creative wedding photographers who focus on capturing beautiful images to treasure long after the wedding day. Manuel and Lori Corazzari work together with the couples to create the beautiful memories that will last forever. They pride themselves on perfect service, ensuring that your entire experience is just as flawless as your wedding photos.

Your Love Story Starts Here.

And ends happily ever after.

We also understand that your wedding is a deeply personal affair; the special articulation of your love story is deserving of the time it takes to understand your vision for your day and we work hard to deliver. We’ve got a story to tell. Yours.

As a NWI Wedding Photographer I enjoy capturing and sharing special moments that you will remember forever.

We serve our brides by providing Wedding Albums, Online Galleries, Video Reels, Highlights Videos, the entire Wedding start to the end on Video . . .

In today’s age anyone can get an expensive camera with lens and start clicking everywhere , but do they have an eye for composition, lights, are creative and love being around people, and that is what we do, at the end of the night all the guest are always saying who is those photographers and videographers?

If you are more focus on the money, budget, and you don’t have time to have fun or create amazing photographs on your wedding day, there is many photographers that will take finances from you for a day, but if you want to create amazing memories that will stay for generations with photos or videos, let’s have a conversation.




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